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Welcome to our plastic surgeon clinic

Meet M.R. Khalifeh M.D.

Welcome to our plastic surgeon clinic

Meet M.R. KhalifehM.D.

Dr. M.R. Khalifeh, MD is considered one of the Washington DC area top plastic surgeons. With a wide list of clients, his excellent care begins with his artistic approach to achieving aesthetically-pleasing and youthful results for Washington DC area professionals, athletes, politicians, and socialites alike.

The outstanding results are the reason Dr. Khalifeh enjoys a high level of patient satisfaction and trust.

Dr. Khalifeh specializes in minimally scarring plastic surgery by employing the latest techniques and laser technology to his surgeries. Dr. Khalifeh employs in his practice the absolute latest minimal scar and laser techniques and owns more than 12 lasers and ultrasound machines to assure outstanding results. By treating a large number of DC professionals and government executives, Dr. Khalifeh is keenly aware of the importance of minimizing scars and is highly dedicated to a natural look.

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Laser Lipo at a glance

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  • Pros
  • check-mark-1Improved body cosmetic contour
  • check-mark-1Treats stubborn areas resistant to diet and exercise
  • check-mark-1Uses small, minimally invasive incisions/ scars
  • check-mark-1Can be done under local anesthesia (awake) or general anesthesia
  • check-mark-1Quick recovery, back to work in 2-3 days
  • check-mark-1Laser lipo tightens the skin more than traditional lipo
  • Cons
  • check-mark-1Not meant as a weight loss procedure
  • check-mark-1Treats targeted areas only
  • check-mark-1Diet and exercise required to maintain the results
  • check-mark-1Too much loose skin may mean you are not a good candidate
  • check-mark-1All surgeries entail some surgical risks (see section below)
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The combination of both incisions (actually, its three because one is made below each ear) provides ready access for smooth liposuction for the neck, jowls, and chin area.

With the patient lying prone (belly on the bed), one of the incisons Dr. Khalifeh uses is a posterior axilla incion to come from the arm pit toward the elbow and get more fat suctioned out from this angle. Dr. Khalifeh usually uses 3 incisons to get to each arm. He finds that the use of these incisions covers a wider area and brings more pleasing arm liposuction results using the laser liposuction or smart liposuction.

The second incision is placed medially near the elbow with care to avoid the ulnar groove area where the ulnar nerve runs. this allows excellent access to the medial fat pad of the arm during laser liposuction.

A final incision (not pictured) is the lateral elbow area to similarly get the fat deposits laterally.

LDr. Khalifeh will usually use 2 incisions when performing inner thigh liposuction. This will vary somewhat from each patient’s anatomy.

  • Posterior incision
  • Groin incision

After the area is numbed and de-bulked, here are the standing liposculpture touches special to Dr. Khalifeh’s technique.
The inner thighs are often performed in conjunction with the knee region if there is problematic bulging in the medial knee.

The outer thigh area requires 2-3 incisions to treat.
During the procedure, the patient is awake. Awake Smartlipo is the way I perform most of my work because it gives me a lot of advantages in positioning the patient during awake surgery. Pictured below is an example of a patient positioning herself for outer thigh lipo by kneeling. The kneeling position imitates the effect of gravity on the area of the standing position and helps me assess which areas need more removal to get smooth results.

Every patient is unique, and depending on the location of the flank fat deposits, Washington dc liposuction expert Dr. Khalifeh will place incisons differently. Pictured here is 3 incisons that Dr. Khalifeh commonly uses to address unwanted fat deposits in the flanks. In the first picture, showing the first incison, the patient is lying on their stomach. Notice that the incison is kept low so that it is hidden by pants or undergarments. The second and third incision shown are with the patient laying on their back. A lower hip incison is hidden, and an umbilical incision heals with non-noticeable scars.
The incisions will leak fluid for 6 hours following the procedures at a heavy rate, and then for three days at a very light rate. This is because during smartlipo, the incisions are kept open to allow quick drainage.
For more information on flank or lovehandle smartlipo in Washington DC, Maryland, or Northern VA, please be sure to make an free appointment with world reknown smartlipo expert, M.R. Khalifeh. If you live further away, explore a virtual consult followed by a fly-in surgery arranged by our helpful staff.

Pictured below are umbilical and bikini line incisions used during lower abdominal liposuction:

Back liposuction is a very popular procedure. the main concern of my patients is to create an “hour glass” figure, or to eliminate bulges when wearing tighter closing. I have gradually moved my incisions to the posterior axilla, or underarm area, as pictured here. I have found that this incision creates much less marks then the middle of the back and with my specialized curved and long canulaes I can reach the areas creating the bulge with minimal scarring

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