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Bodybuilders Gynecomastia

Bodybuilders And Gynecomastia:

Bodybuilders and generally athletic males are large subset of our patients. There are two reasons for that, the first reason is that this subset of patients is obviously working hard at the gym to develop a certain physique they seek and having a large amount of tissue that is not responsive to diet and exercise in the male chest region can interfere with their desired look. That same amount of tissue may not be of concern to a male of average athletic abilities such as myself (tactically fit). But after spending hours at the gym and evaluating results in the mirrors the same amount of average amount of male breast tissue may be bothersome to a very athletic patients. Furthermore the lower the body fat percentage the more visible The Remnant gland is. The second reason why this subset of patient makes up a large proportion is that they may have experimented with either supplements or inject-able drugs such as steroids that not only help stimulate muscle growth but may also have is Cemetery a stimulatory effect on the Glen tissue itself.

Treatment Of Bodybuilder Related Gynecomastia:

Typically the treatment is done under local anesthesia. It requires an incision around the nipple. Who that incision the bothersome gland tissue is removed. The incision is then closed.

Is Liposuction Required?

In this subset of patients the liposuction component of the procedure is Tiny. This is because their body fat percentage tends to be on the lower side.

Recovery After Bodybuilding Related Gynecomastia:

Back to lower body exercise can generally occur after 3 days in the form of a non impact exercise such as stationary bicycling. More impact related exercise in the lower body can begin at one week. As far as chest work and upper arm work I agree can man generally about two weeks off of exercise.

Recurrence In Bodybuilding Related Gynecomastia:

My highest return straight Rick Owens rate is in steroid users. Especially those that don’t take the oral aromatase inhibitor. Short of the steroid use recurrence rates tend to be very uncommon.

Cost Of Bodybuilder Related Gynecomastia Surgery:

The cost for surgery done under local anesthesia varies between $4,000-$5,500 for a typical case based on the complexity of the work required. This is done under local anesthesia.

Bodybuider/Athlete Men Gynecomastia

Bodybuilders Gynecomastia Surgery by Dr. Khalifeh at DC Cosmetics, Washington DC

View more  Before and After pictures of successful Bodybuilders’ Gynecomastia surgeries by Dr. Khalifeh at DC Cosmetics .

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