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Male Glandular Tissue

What is Glandular Tissue?

OK, so you may not remember your basic biology class from high school, so here is a refresher.  The human body is composed of cells.  Cells grouped together to perform a function is termed tissue.  One of the functions that the body needs is the manufacturing of substance for excretion, and the tissues that are responsible for that manufacturing are called glandular.  Ie, the cells of the body that make stuff for excretion are termed glandular tissue.  Examples:  Prostate Gland, Sweat Gland, Apocrine Glands, and yes, even in males, Breast (ie milk producing) glands.  Of course, because of our common embryological development with females, we have tissues that are present in us, but the hormonal signals for development do not lead to overdevelopment.

What Made the Glandular Tissue Come?

The glandular tissue was always there.  The correct question is what made it overdevelop.  see next question.

What Made the Glandular Tissue Overdevelop?

A over-production f hormones or hormone-like substances or an oversensitivity of the glandular tissue to those substances, especially during puberty.  So, hormones, especially during puberty, can stimulate the gland to grow and multiply.  Fat produces an estrogen like substance, therefore men who were obese during pregnancy may have more glandular tissue.  Performance enhancing (and illegal) steroids can cause that.  Marijuana may have a similar effect.  And the list goes on….

Is There a Medication I Can Take to Reverse That Growth?

Medications that block steroids actions such as tamoxifen may have that effect.  They are not often prescribed because they are not approved for that condition.  Also, the long term side effects may not be worth the cosmetic benefit.  An Endocrinologist would make that decision, but gynecomastia is rarely treated that way due to side effects.  There are a lot of herbal medications that are not proven to do anything but enrich the company selling them.

Surgery for Gynecomastia:

A surgical removal of the majority the tissue is often the best treatment.  Removal of all the tissue is not desirable as the nipple will be sunken in as it only has glandular tissue below it.

M.R. Khalifeh for My Gynecomastia Surgery:

Using M.R. Khalifeh’s technique of combining smartlipo treatment followed by direct glandular excision is a reliable way of improving the cosmetic appearance of gynecomastia.  This technique is derived from M.R. Khalifeh’s vast expertise in smartlipo with his training in plastic surgery to offer minimal down time (3-5 days) and no need for general anesthesia.  When you are ready to schedule an in person consults or a phone consult for out of town consult patients, click on the links.

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