Price Match Guarantee

Our No-Nonsense Price Match Guarantee:

 Actual Patient

 Our Guarantee:  After seeing one of our competitors, just send us a written copy of the quote outlining your treatment plan. When you come in for a consultation with us, we will give you our quote, and should it be higher, we can guarantee to either perform your procedure at their quoted price or you will receive a $75 AmEx gift card!

 Dr. Khalifeh is so confident that you will choose to have your procedure with him (a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon) and our superior technology (SmartLipo Triplex rather than older machines) that we are willing to offer this guarantee. Many other facilities use older technology that doesn’t offer the same benefits  of our SmartLipo Triplex technology. Other doctors will also treat smaller areas. $1000 for an “area” sounds great, but it adds up when you realize how small that area actually is and that you may need several of them treated just to take care of the residual fullness you may have in a single part of your body.  Our current pricing treats the FULL area that you are looking for, not just several smaller areas.

We also find that Dr. Khalifeh will often recommend not performing surgery, or performing an alternative surgery such as a tummy tuck, when other medspa type centers recomended treatment.  Our goal is not to sell you on procedure, but to educate you about the changes to your body that you are considering.  Our motto is to be the “premier source of advice regarding plastic surgery”.

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