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Ptotic Gynecomastia (excess skin)

Ptosis + Gynecomastia:   Double Trouble

|Double Incision Surgery|

When I am evaluating a patient, I am looking at content and skin envelope.  When there is a lot of skin, the nipple and breast tissue hang, in what is termed in the  plastic surgery field as “ptosis”

“Will the skin retract?”

this is the obvious question.  It is on my mind and the patient’s mind.  If I think the skin will retract sufficiently, I am going to recommend removing the content alone, and letting the skin take care of it self.  I can sometimes stimulate skin retraction with the use of a smartlipo laser, although the effect is very modest only.

If I don’t think the skin will retract all the way, i will notify the patient of my thoughts and discuss with them the following choices according to my assessment:

Group 1:  there will be a skin fold, but the results will still be good overall if we don’t do the double incision surgery.  the choice becomes the patient’s choice at this point.  Does he want the flattest chest possible and doesn’t mind scars? if so, we will go with double incision surgery.  Or does he want to avoid scars and will accept a bit of skin folding at the crease which still falls into “natural looking”:  in which case we will go with removal of content only with smartlipo tightening.

Group 2: the skin is so excessive that I wouldn’t feel that removing content alone is possible.  Sometimes, scars are just necessary.  If i feel that the results from content removal only will look like a empty shriveled bag, then I want to do the double incision technique and will let the patient know.

Cost of Double Incision Surgery:

the cost of double incision surgery ranges between $5500 to $8500 depending on the type of anesthesia required. milder cases can be done awake.  more severe cases require anesthesia.


Do you need double incision surgery?

let me tell you my opinion.  if you are in town, my in person consults are complimentary.  you can even schedule here.

If you are from out of town, schedule a phone consult first.  While there is a cost ($150), it is applied towards your surgery.  Then you can learn about the fly in option.

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